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New builds

There are two big questions we know you have about a new build: how much is it going to cost, and can you do it reasonably? We have both answers. We usually buy most of materials direct from the manufacturer . It’s important not to undercharge and have to rush the job, but just as important not to overcharge and lose the job: there is a happy middle. Our expert contractors can build from plan: everything from granny flats to house extensions, conversions, garages and boundary walls. Essentially, any kind of building project you can imagine.


The time has come to renovate your property! How exciting. Renovations don’t have to be difficult – not if you have the right contractor. Our Fix Forward contractors are professionals who excel at both internal and external renovations. You can rest assured that your vision will be safe in their hands.


It’s finally time to fix that broken wall out the back. Or repair that unsightly (fill in the blank). Whatever your building repair needs, our contractors can help. Better still, they can help efficiently and reasonably. Whether something is crumbling, sagging or simply falling to pieces, our building experts can repair it.