Electrical Projects

New wiring

Emergency repairs

Inspections – issue COCs

Geyser repairs

3 Phase Wiremans License - Electricians

New Wiring:

We’ve all been there: you need a new plug point or light fixture, or for some reason one of your appliances stops working and you can’t figure it out, no matter how many YouTube videos you watch. New wiring is one of the things our electricians are experts at – they’ll make sure your electrical wiring, plug points, lights and DB boards all work perfectly and look neat and tidy, with no unsightly wires lying around.

Emergency repairs:

All of a sudden something starts tripping your electrics – who knows what? Maybe it’s because it’s been raining or one of your appliances has a loose wire or load shedding has messed something up… No need to start investigating, our team are available for emergency repairs.

Inspections - issue COCs

If you’re looking to sell your home or want to ensure your electrics are functioning correctly, you’ll want an electrical inspection so that the electrician can issue a COC (Certificate of Compliance). This is a legal requirement, but it doesn’t have to be a painful exercise – our team is highly skilled at inspections and can thoroughly examine your property and issue the COC or make the necessary repairs before the COC can be issued.

Geyser repairs:

There’s nothing we love as much as a hot shower or bath… And nothing more desperate than a geyser that isn’t working or – worse yet! – has a leak. Never fear, our team are expert at geyser repairs of all kinds. They’ll have you back singing in the shower in no time.